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Kayak tours in South Istria

Meet and experience Pula and Premantura by kayaking! 

Premantura cape Kamenjak cave exploring - day tour

Discover unique beauty of cape Kamenjak, the only nature park in the south Istira. Enjoy its nature, bays and an astonishing cave Kolumbarica. 


Cape Kamenjak in Premantura is a must see destination when in or near Pula. Join our guided kayak tour and avoid crowds by exploring it from sea with our local guides.  

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Premantura cape kamenjak dolphins

Premantura cape Kamenjak sunset tour

Enjoy in an active and romantic evening in beautiful bays of cape Kamenjak in Premantura. 

Have a memorable evening full of activities: from paddling, swiming and snorkling to exploring an astonishing cave Kolumbarica. 

During sunset, toast to life and adventures with a glass of wine. And if we're lucky enough, the dolphins will accompany us. 

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Pula Sunset tour

Explore blue cave in Pula's known Seagals’ rocks and get to know rich history of Pula as a main military harbour. The tour is taking place in the evening so you can enjoy kayaking in the sunset.

Premantura cape Kamenjak VIP tour

Explore cape Kamenjak in Premantura from both the sea and coast.


The VIP tour enable you to explore the beautiful bays of cape Kamenjak and feel the cave Kolumbarica from inside and outside. Beside paddling, swiming and cliff jumping, the tour includes a lunch in a unique Safari bar so you can explore the coast of cape Kamenjak. 

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